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Women Making History

Happy International Women's Day and Women's History Month! By any measure, women lead the pack in diving into entrepreneurship and starting businesses all over the world, including 2,000 every day in the U.S. alone! Even more awesome, 64% of those are women of color! Clearly women decided to take the reins and forge their own paths to success in our persistently unequal world.

If you look at the annals of business history you’ll find a lot of names, and most of them will be of men. That’s because for centuries, women couldn’t truly be masters of their fate. They couldn’t get credit, or own a business or make money that didn’t go directly to either a husband or father.

Once these restrictions went away, women got down to work — and made up for lost time. Today, there are nearly 12 million women-owned businesses in this country alone. Nine million people can thank their women bosses for their paychecks, and the revenue from $1.7 trillion women-owned businesses fuels the growth of our economy.

When history is written of the last two decades in business, a lot more women's names will be in the mix. Take a closer look at the past and present with the info in this awesome graphic. Thanks to Kara Whittaker of gherlick.com for sharing!

Owning it: The growth of women-owned business
Infographic by Quill

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