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What women entrepreneurs can learn from Princess Diana

Our May meeting for Old Town – Alexandria was nothing short of incredible! Princess Diana’s former Private Secretary Patrick Jepson joined us as our featured speaker. Patrick is a journalist, broadcaster and New York Times and London Sunday Times bestselling author, and author of the newly published book The Meghan Factor: A Royal Expert’s Insight On America’s New Princess – And How She Could Change The Windsor Dynasty Forever. He is also he is founding partner in the Specialist Communications Consultancy Jephson Beaman LLC .

Attendees mixed and mingled over a delicious lunch at Paradiso Restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia, followed by a presentation by Patrick, which focused on Princess Diana’s legacy and how she changed the style of royalty through her divorce with Prince Charles. Patrick explained how the late princesses’ behavior was “revolutionary”: She broke down royal barriers by creating her own arm of the royal family post-divorce, in which Patrick joined her for the journey. Diana’s divorce was a new style of royalty that had never been seen – and she owned it.

In many ways the late Princess’ behavior helped pave the way for women entrepreneurs today: We’re trailblazers. We know the rules but still break them by following our gut and intuition – just as Diana broke the rules of royal protocol. We lead with service, passion, and spontaneous compassion, as Diana did.

Patrick’s presentation was completed with a raffle give-away of his new book, and a big take-away on the late Princess’ legacy. Attendees agreed we could have listened to him all day!

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