Learn why AWE is like no other professional women's network.

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Reconnect to what you love about business!

Whatever is challenging you in your business,

AWE Mastermind is the answer to gaining insight,

experience and solutions.

  • Gain clarity to articulate a clear business vision.
  • Develop your business acumen and remove overwhelm.
  • Create the next steps to take in your business.
  • Solve challenges that your business success has created.

Female Founders Report This Program Works!

The AWE Mastermind has generated new clients, new partnerships and thousands of dollars in revenue for graduates.

Participants include female entrepreneurs from a wide range of professions including:

    • lawyers &  mediators
    • marketing/PR professionals
    • back office & financial planners
    • designers/creators/retailers
    • health/wellness/therapists/vets
    • and many more  

Don't do it alone:
Collaborate and reach your goals!

photo of Mastermind group at Maura's house

What makes the AWE Mastermind different?

We take a different approach to Masterminds.
Led by participants. We offer a safe environment to articulate and execute what’s most important to you in your business.

  • Planning for growth?
  • Looking to exit?
  • Not sure what or where to find the tools to succeed?
  • Looking for ways to manage your commitments?

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How it works:

A group of six women business owners who are at similar levels in their businesses work on individual business goals. This can be the push you need to actually devote the time required to grow your business and reach your goals.

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What to expect when you join AWE’s Mastermind

The first meeting is critical. Here you’ll outline and share with the group your goals for the next six months. A schedule for the next five monthly meetings  is created, with each group member choosing a date to sit in the “hot seat.” During the “hot seat” portion of the meeting, the entire group focuses and brainstorms that member’s goals and the work required to get there.

Throughout the process, group members work on their own goals, sharing their challenges as well as best practices.


Our past graduates' success proves it

Michelle Scott

This process gave me a true group of my peers, who helped me figure out my next steps and how to get there. I am seriously considering signing up again!

Cheryl Fisher

This group really showed me that taking my business seriously and professionally is worth it and important. The group was a great place for feedback and ideas, and we definitely formed friendships that we might not have otherwise. Grateful!

photo of Hermon Black hb flori

Hermon Black

I feel like I’m part of a very powerful group of people who want to listen to me and share insights with me.

photo of mastermind facilitator maura fredericks

Mastermind Facilitator and Coach

AWE Mastermind's Maura Fredericks, a credentialed business coach for CEO's, co-founders and families shares her expertise as a trained mastermind facilitator. She sets the program framework, provides materials to kick-start your goal setting and captures your progress. Maura manages mastermind dynamics, keeps meetings moving, and assists the group in creating powerful meetings that result in deep insights that lead to goal attainment.

Maura is available to mastermind members for deeper dives as issues arise, and for follow-up consulting once you’ve achieved your initial goals.

Not sure if the AWE Mastermind program is right for you?

Be in AWE of your success!

A dynamic 6 month virtual program via ZOOM for any chapter member which includes a 2 hour initial meeting, monthly 1.5 hour meetings with all materials electronically produced and shared.

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