Business Tips from DC Style Factory at the Chic Shack

Last night we had an amazing turn and a great time! I would again like to thank all the awesome women that came out. A huge thank you to our guest speaker Rosana Hemakom Vollmerhausen CEO of DC Style Factory and to Domencia Tyler (my girl) owner of The Chic Shack for hosting us!

Rosana gave us some incredible tips on how to start and run a successful business. This included her tips about dealing with finances, branding, hiring and NOT hiring employees, building a reliable team and her website. Afterwards she fielded several questions from the women as we were just getting started!

Entrepreneurship for women can be lonely and difficult. We work as hard, most of us work full time jobs while either running a business or are in the early stages of starting a business. Some of us are building and maintaining our brands. Some of us are moms and wives while doing all of this. Support, network and the give and take are key components in helping us succeed. Awesome Women Entrepreneurs AWE is bringing us together to do just that.

If you missed last night you certainly missed a great one…don’t miss our next meeting coming in January! We’re just getting started and we have some amazing things lined up. Email me at fashionatmstee@gmail to get on the invite list, get all the deets on how to join and all the amazing benefits AWE has to offer!