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How AWE got started ...

Awesome Women Entrepreneurs originally started when Karen Bate and Evelyn Powers, friends for over a decade, would go on long runs discussing life, children and inevitably, clients. They thought it would be fun to connect and commiserate with all of the awesome women entrepreneurs they knew in Arlington, Va. Karen held the first meeting in her home and 25 women showed up.... several guests Karen hadn't invited but they'd heard about the gathering and wanted to attend. From there AWE was created — a intimate social setting where busy women business owners can relax, drink wine, share their stories and inspire one another.

Photo of Evelyn Powers and Karen Bate
photo of three women laughing at a table

Our Growth

AWE is now expanding to chapters throughout the U.S. If you'd like to start a chapter in your community, we'd love to help! Click here for more information.


To ensure superior networking and collaborative opportunities, we limit membership to five women in each profession per chapter.

AWE does not include multi-level marketing in its membership as we focus on supporting local female founders and owners of locally run businesses. 

AWE includes members from a wide variety of businesses, including:

    • Accounting/Back Office Support
    • Web & Graphic Designers
    • Attorneys & Mediators
    • Bloggers & Influencers
    • Counselors & Therapists
    • Development Consultants
    • Retail & Restaurants Owners
    • Event Planning
    • Fitness/Health/Wellness Coaches
  • Interior Designers
  • Management Consultants
  • Marketing & PR Professionals
  • Professional/Leadership Coaches
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Veterinarians and Pet Care

Membership Features

  • Peer to peer networking for brainstorming, mentoring and collaboration: Membership limited to five women per industry;
  • Excellent speakers at each meeting addressing a variety of topics of special interest to business owners;
  • Much-needed social time to share the unique challenges and joys we all experience as women business owners;
  • Online member-only directory of all AWE members;
  • Weekly interviews on AWE Radio & Podcast;
  • Mastermind Program: Small groups of five or six entrepreneurs and a facilitator set goals and meet monthly;
  • AWE’s website and private Facebook Group page: Excellent resources for sharing information about entrepreneurship in general and AWE businesses in particular, as well as upcoming events, good news and success stories.